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A wide range of things have been chemically broke down as putative examples of “red mercury” since the substance previously went to the consideration of the media, yet no single substance was found in these things. An example of radioactive material was seized by German police in May 1994. This comprised of an unpredictable blend of components, including about 10% by weight plutonium, with the rest of 61% mercury, 11% antimony, 6% oxygen, 2% iodine and 1.6% gallium. A recipe revealed for the powder part of the blend was Hg6Sb2O8 (mercury(II) cyclopyrorthoantimonate), with a portion of the mercury present in its unadulterated metallic form.[12] The motivation behind why someone had collected this mind boggling blend of chemicals is obscure; similarly bewildering was the nearness of pieces of glass and brush bristles, proposing that somebody had dropped a jug of this substance and after that cleared it up into another container.[13]

Conversely, an examination revealed in 1998 of an alternate “red mercury” test presumed that this example was a non-radioactive blend of natural mercury, water and mercury(II) iodide, which is a red colored chemical.[3] Similarly, another investigation of an example recovered in Zagreb in November 2003 announced that this thing contained just mercury.[14] One recipe that had been guaranteed beforehand for red mercury was Hg2Sb2O7 (mercury(II) pyroantimonate), however no antimony was identified in this 2003 example.

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